Interested in becoming a Firedancer?

Firedancers Texas is a close-knit tribe in the local Leather-Levi community who believe in shared camaraderie and support of local charities. Service is the main focus of the Firedancers. Potential pledges are encouraged to visit us at our events and learn more about who we are and what we do.

What are the benefits of being a Firedancer?

Being a Firedancer means you are a part of a state-wide group with a focus on Service. By joining, you contribute to local charities which directly benefit by your involvement. In addition, you become a part of a family who supports, teaches, and grows in the Leather/Levi community. Our membership is limited to 20 full time members at any given time which allows us to form close bonds with our fellow brothers. Together we have a huge impact on the community and each other.

What is expected during my pledgeship?

Pledge applications must be signed by two Full or Emeritus members in good standing and approved by majority vote. Pledges must attend meetings and functions throughout their pledgeship as if a full member; however, a portion of each meeting will be closed to pledges and guests unless otherwise announced while we discuss updates on the pledges.

Pledges are expected to keep an interview book and interview as many Full, Associate, and Emeritus members as possible to learn about the group as a whole. Pledges are also responsible for keeping, "The Bear," safe during Club events (This means keep him away from all the Plushies and pranks of other clubs). Pledges are also given other duties as assigned by the Pledge Master.

Pledges may resign at any time without prejudice by notifying the Pledge Master in writing and returning all Club property.

Who may join?

Applicants must be at least 21 years of age. Applicants must have attended at least two functions and/or meetings prior to submitting the application to the Pledge Master and have sponsorship of two Full or Emeritus members. There are two levels of membership currently available:

Full Member

Members are expected to attend all functions and meetings unless there is an emergency or approval by the Supreme Chief of Fire. Work activities and family obligations are taken into consideration when events/meetings are missed. A full member may be a member of another club provided that their involvement in another club does not conflict with Firedancer membership obligations. This is not meant to exclude involvement in National or International organizations such as NLA or ILSB.

Associate Member

These members may be members of other Motorcycle, Leather-Levi, Western, or S/M club. In-town associate members are encouraged to attend all major functions, but only attendance at one event per year is required. Applicants are nominated by members in good standing. Associate members do not have voting rights and may not hold elected office but otherwise enjoy all other club privileges and membership provisions.

How do I join?

To join the Firedancers, please download the membership application, fill it out, and give it to your sponsoring member along with the fees. If you prefer, you can pay application fees by going to the SUPPORT PAGE and donating online.