About us

Firedancers, Texas is a non-political, social club founded in the Leather/Levi tradition with a Native American influence. The focus of the Club is to bring all members of the local and state community together in camaraderie and service, to promote unity, and to aid charitable organizations.

The Club was founded on June 14, 1987 by our five charter members: Robert Cantrell, Kim Olsen, Manse Birdwell, Lucas Keith, and John Fellrath. The Firedancers are based in Dallas, TX and have expanded to include tribes in Houston and San Antonio. Our club colors reflect the Native American heritage on which the Firedancers, Texas tribe was founded:

Red - For the common blood we all share and for the Native Americans' contributions.
Yellow - For the new sun, now rising.
Black - For the common bond shared by the men and women of the Leather community.

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Our 2018 Club Officers:

         Supreme Chief of the Fire – President – Parker

         Keeper of the Lance – Vice President/Pledgemaster – Gilbert

         Shaman – Secretary – Michael

         Medicine Man – Treasurer – Danny

         Pathfinder – Road Captain – Keith

         Sacred Guardian – Sergeant at Arms – Robert R.